Did you spend hours fighting the clunky smartdraw editor because you needed some one off plans, just to find out that it defaces your plans with watermarks when you export it? No fear, you export your drawing as an SVG fairly easily.


  1. Open your document in FireFox
  2. Turn off rulers and grids by going to the Page tab
  3. Shift+Right Click on your drawing, press “Inspect”
  4. Right click the SVG node -> Copy -> Outer HTML
  5. Paste it into Notepad
  6. Do a find-and-replace for   to ` ` (a single space character)
  7. Save the file in Notepad as an SVG
  8. Open it in Edge or some other SVG viewer
  9. Print it without the watermark


It’s super frustrating that they let you invest hours into drawing something without warning you that they’re going to watermark it. Someone recommended this software to me since it worked well for them also using the trial, but they must have added this watermarking in the past couple months.

Overall, I didn’t find this product too compelling. The only advantage it had over similar things from LucidChart was that you can type in the dimensions instead of having to click and drag.

The UI was slow, clunky, and you can’t hide labels you don’t want, so instead you have to hide them all.

When you press the “Show Labels” button the whole app freezes for a second and is noticably less performant.